With so much technology moving so fast, the world has gone fully Mobile, and we are entering an age where accessing information at a rapid speed and on-the-go, is important, and becoming a reality.


So what is the difference between Responsive, Web Apps, and Mobile Apps?

Responsive Websites

These are designed to work on any platform. These are built on a custom CSS stylesheet, which is customized implementing a design that will configure itself to any device. On PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet, it’s a perfect fit every time!


Web Apps

A Web App is NOT a Mobile App, but with HTML5, it is becoming harder to tell them apart. The Web Apps are indeed seeming to look more and more like Mobile Apps, and they even store in your browser’s cache where it can be accessed offline, but yet, still not a Mobile App.


Mobile Apps

Downloads for Mobile Apps can be found for Android and Apple in the App Store online, or in Google Play. There are typical applications that have taken the world by storm. These are designed for a very specific reason, mostly to draw more attention to your idea, in a most modern way. Mobile Apps can also be games, but let’s talk business. Mobile Apps can help you build your social media, draw attention to your business info including events posting and so much more. Mobile Apps are by nature, designed to be more interactive, and have a specific custom feel. Although you may charge for others to download your App, you can also offer them free, with upgrades available for a fee.


*In most opinion, simply because the majority of the world has Gone Mobile, Mobile Apps are the future.


Do you think you need to build a Responsive Websites or Mobile App?
The truth of the matter is that you need both, so do not do one without the other. Most all professionals at this point will still agree, you need to build both to complement each other for many reasons.

Set yourself a budget and do both!

A Responsive Website and Mobile App are most important to your business because they allow the user to interact with your business through Mobile and looking at visibility, both will pull in tons of views. These both can be set on a basic budget and one is not much more expensive than the other.

Most people browse their Mobile for products and services on the go, but most would in fact choose to buy online through the website. Stats show 60%-70% would check out on the website, so you wonder why build both. Mobile is already a huge deal, even though most people still use personal home computers. One will always compliment the other, and businesses will have the potential to make the most money.


Web Apps versus Mobile Apps
They look identical, and most people can’t tell the difference right away, but in fact, the huge difference is that only a Mobile App accesses the features of your smartphone, like GPS, Push Notifications, Camera, and more…Also, the advantage is Mobile Apps are listed online in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Our Conclusion

A responsive website combined with a mobile app will benefit your business the most. A Mobile App will certainly interact with your customers in ways a Website cannot, but both are essential to your business success.

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